Bali Tropical Design Architecture

Tropical Design is a way of looking at habitat when you live in tropical climate. What are the elements that are conducive in making environment and climate tolerable, pleasant and integrated? It's the development of systems and products that work well naturally address the variety of climate conditions and lend durability and style to the tropical experience.

Basic elements of tropical design are: high pitched roofs, so rain gets off fast as hot air rises and escapes to keep you cool; retractable doors and windows to rise the air flow-to the ventilations and allow you open the house on the great lazy days; outdoor gardens for bathing and showers; simple details and finishes that are compatible with the environment. All are just a part of a tropical lifestyle. Tropical clothing, food, drink, relaxation and the activities and experiences all lend to the cohesive compliment, to ensure a true one lifestyle.

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